About Us: Celebrate Your Creativity with Ringis

Welcome to Ringis, where fashion meets boundless imagination and where your CREATIVITY takes center stage. We're not just a clothing brand – we're a canvas for your artistic expression. If you're a passionate graphic designer, we invite you to embark on a journey with us, where your designs become WEARable art, showcased on the garments that define personal style and self-expression.

Unleash Your Artistry: Elevate Fashion with YOUR ARTS

At Ringis, we believe in the transformative power of graphics. Our clothing brand thrives on custom graphics that transcend mere visuals. They embody stories, emotions, and ideas, making each garment a unique narrative waiting to be worn. We understand that as an artist, your creations are an extension of your soul, a manifestation of your artistic vision.

Your Graphics, Our Canvas: A Collaborative Artistry

Imagine your designs adorning tops, hoodies, and more, worn by individuals who resonate with your creativity. Ringis is your platform to SPREAD YOUR ART with the world, translating your visual concepts into everyday fashion that sparks conversations and forges connections. When you collaborate with us, your graphics don't just stay on paper; they come alive on fabric.

Why Choose Ringis?

  • Amplify Your Reach: Your designs deserve more than just a digital platform. At Ringis, your artwork gets showcased to a diverse community that values individuality and artistry. Your creations will stand out in a sea of trends, telling stories that resonate with those who WEAR them.
  • Empower Self-Expression: Your graphics become a voice for the wearers. Each stroke of your design speaks volumes about your personality, beliefs, and passions. YOUR ART has the potential to empower self-expression in ways you've never imagined.
  • Be Part of a Movement: Ringis isn't just a brand; it's a movement that celebrates UNIQUENESS and CREATIVITY. By contributing your designs, you become part of a collective journey that's changing the face of fashion, one graphic at a time.

How to Contribute: Your Designs, Our Inspiration

Sending us your designs is more than just submitting artwork; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impact. WE CAREfully curate the designs that resonate with our values and aesthetics. Your graphics could become the next emblem of self-expression for countless individuals seeking to stand out and make a statement.

Let Your Graphics Define the Future of Fashion

Join us in shaping a fashion landscape that's defined by artistic vision, individuality, environmental awareness, and creative storytelling. Your designs have the power to inspire, to evoke emotions, and to empower others to embrace their uniqueness.

Submit Your Designs Today

Ready to see your graphics transform into wearable art? Submit your designs to us and become a part of the Ringis revolution. Your creativity matters here and every design has a story worth telling. – because at Ringis, WE CARE!

Steps for application:

      1. Be creative and create a graphic.
      2. Be brave and send it to us at support@ringis.de with the subject “Graphic Submission.” Don’t forget to provide your contact details, phone number, and email address.
      3. We will send an email within 48 hours. Subscribe to our newsletter here.
      4. If your artwork is selected, we’ll put it up for voting alongside another artist’s work on our Instagram page.
      5. Keep an eye on our Instagram and let all your friends know to follow us and vote for you.
      6. If you win the vote, we’ll get in touch with you regarding the appearance.
      7. Be proud that your artwork is a hit among the youth.